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It all started with a dream by Charlotte Dennewitz, who was a descendant from the original Carter family. Having raised her children in church, she felt the calling to have her kids begin a singing group. That group was later called God's Will. Following in their parents' footsteps, the children of God's Will were also raised in church. From a young age onward, these children picked up instruments and God blessed them with talent to learn with no lessons pretty much anything they touched. As they became teenagers, their high school had a talent show and their uncle Gene encouraged them to begin their own group and play in the talent show. Because of a song that Cole sang lead on with his sister called "New Again" and because they were the next generation and were "New Again" to the family, their groups' name was decided. They sang in the talent show and were so well received they were asked to provide an encore. Since that time the Lord has opened many doors for them. The group, which consists of Dustin and Jacob Neff and their cousin, but more like their brother, Cole Dennewitz, was later joined by Cole's dad Gene who had sang originally with God's Will and who had encouraged the boys to begin their own group. During this time, the Lord called both Dustin and Gene into an evangelizing ministry as well.

As their popularity grew, they were being asked to play many revivals, local tractor shows, and have played the local Fall Festival of Leaves for many years running. In 2015, they were asked to be on the Big Al's Radio Show in Grundy, Virginia. In 2016, they decided to audition for Dollywood and were asked to perform both weekends of the 2016 Dollywood Barbecue and Bluegrass Festival. Before that they were featured on the front page of the Chillicothe Gazette. That same year they were blessed to become good friends with Flatt Lonesome and further blessed to make their first CD under the production and voice coaching of Paul and Kelsi Harrigill from Flatt Lonesome. They went on to become the opening act of the new annual SamJam Bluegrass Festival in 2016 and were called back and scheduled for the 2017 and 2018 SamJam Bluegrass Festival. They have become a local favorite at the Paxton Theatre in Bainbridge, Ohio and will be hosting their own shows September thru December 2018, performing at the Paxton Indoor Bluegrass Festival, and singing once again for the annual Fall Festival of Leaves as they have done so for many years.

The Lord continues to open doors for these boys and they are rapidly becoming a well-known and well-loved group and being featured on radio stations from Ohio to Kentucky to Virginia and Tennessee. They have many original songs written by the group or the family and released their first single in July 2017 of "I'm Dreaming of Heaven.". They have been blessed along the way to meet many of the bluegrass family and are happy to call them friends. New Again is a name that is rapidly becoming a part of that bluegrass family and will be a group that will be sharing their music for many years to come.


Facebook: @NewAgainBluegrassGospel


Unsigned - yet


Cassill Promotions

50170 US Highway 50

Londonderry, OH 45647



Lisa Roberts Booking

8567 US Highway 50

Bainbridge, OH 45612



Dustin Neff: Mandolin, guitar

Jacob Neff: Guitar

Cole Dennewitz: Banjo, Dobro, Mandolin, Guitar

Gene Dennewitz: Bass


Dustin 740-701-1664

Lisa 740-466-8868

Angelique 740-466-9114


Paxton Theatre favorites hosting their own show in 2018 from September thru December

Paxton Indoor Music Festival featuring also the Lonesome River Band

SamJam Bluegrass Festival in Piketon, Ohio in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019

Farm-to-Fork Fundraiser; August 2018

Smoky Mountain Tunes and Tales

RFD-TV's Best of America by Horseback television show Christmas Special airing 12/14/2017 and 12/21/2017 at 2 pm

"I'm Dreaming of Heaven" single release July 2017 debuting at #37 on the Singing News Bluegrass Gospel charts the first month out!!

Fall Festivals of Leaves: Every year since 2012

Big Al's Radio Show in Grundy, VA: September 2015

Front page of Chillicothe Gazette: May 2016

Dollywood's Barbecue and Bluegrass Festival, Pigeon Forge, TN: May 2016 (several days)

Making of CD with Paul and Kelsi Harrigill, Alabama: July 2016

Marion Gospel Television Show, OH: September 2016

Nyle Fields Radio Show Kentucky, OH

Annette Grady Jamboree radio broadcast

Jeff Lipchik radio broadcast, Knoxville, TN

Paxton Theater/Paint Valley Jamboree, OH: Many times

Sterling Bluegrass Jamboree, OH: Many times

Many churches, theaters, tractor shows in OH, KY, TN, WVa

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