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This is New Again...... a bluegrass/gospel group called into the ministry in their teenage years when first performing at a high school talent show. 

This group is comprised of lead singer, sometime tenor, Dustin Neff, who will be 24 in September and who sings lead and plays guitar and mandolin. Dustin was called into the evangelical ministry as well at the age of 17. He enjoys bluegrass music and has various favorite artists, among which are Flatt Lonesome, Larry Sparks, Joe Mullins and the Ramblers, among many others. He also loves the Dukes of Hazzard and is busy restoring a 1969 Charger like the General Lee.

Cole Dennewitz is the high tenor singer, sometime lead for the group. He just turned 22 in May 2016. He is the man of many talents and our primary instrument player. You all enjoy him playing the mandolin, banjo and dobro as well as guitar. Cole is a carpenter by trade and enjoys bluegrass music and has many favorites including Flatt Lonesome, Larry Sparks, Doyle Lawson and many more.

Jacob Neff is the baritone singer, sometime lead for the group. He just turned 22 in April 2016, coming along just 5 weeks before his cousin Cole! He is the primary guitar player and plays in the style of Vince Gill, Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed. His all-time favorite group is Flatt Lonesome. He enjoys cars and has a 1969 Firebird and is busy restoring a 1979 TransAm in the style of the Bandit. A little boy at heart, he loves cartoons and Herbie the Love Bug and has a Bug that he is currently restoring.

The final member of the group, and the bass player, low tender and all around sound man as well as technical support is Gene Dennewitz. This is Cole's dad and Dustin and Jacob's uncle. Gene has been in gospel music most of life also playing and singing in the family group called God's Will. He also evangelizes when not singing and playing with the group.

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